20 dec. 2011

How to buy a printer?

Being a student I need to do all kind of essays so I always need a printer. Well, I guess everybody needs printer, isn’t it? But me like almost everybody I have a problem: money! Cartridge, paper, maintenance materials… All this are so expansive I they run off so quickly, so I find it more easy to buy another printer then to buy all the things necessary for the one that I already have. All this crazy stuff can be avoided, but, only if you know how to buy a printer good for you.
Firstly pay attention to consumables, in fact they are not very durable, even if the producers ensure you that you will print hundred of papers with a cartridge. On the market is a new system of continue alimentation with ink, CISS, with the help of who you can print more cheaper.
Secondly, you have to know what your printer has to do and if you really need a printer or a multifunctional device. We think that if the price is ok, you should chose the multifunctional because sometimes you need a scan ore a copy and it easier to do all those things home.
Finally, what you will chose between inject or laser? I will chose inject because it is more flexible you can print color and black and white, on plain paper and photo paper.
To conclude I strongly recommend you to visit the site of CISS market for more details.

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